Advertisement Distribution

On the TapTap platform, advertisement distribution is completely user-centric. We are committed to providing users with autonomy to choose whether or not to view advertisements and benefit from them.

Watching advertisements on TapTap can bring various benefits. Firstly, users have the opportunity to earn TAT tokens as rewards. When users choose to watch advertisements, they receive a certain amount of TAT tokens as a reward. This provides users with a simple way to accumulate and acquire digital assets while also increasing their incentive to participate in the platform ecosystem.

In addition, watching advertisements can also offer other perks. For example, we can provide users with the option to have their transaction gas fees waived when they choose to watch advertisements. This means that when users conduct transactions, if they opt to watch advertisements, they will not need to pay any gas fees, thereby reducing their transaction costs.

We value user experience and privacy immensely. Therefore, during the advertisement distribution process, we respect user choices and never force users to watch advertisements. Users can decide whether to view advertisements based on their needs and interests. Our goal is to provide high-quality, relevant advertisements that capture user interest and satisfaction.

On the TapTap platform, we leverage blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability in advertisement distribution. This means that we can verify the authenticity and effectiveness of advertisements, reducing the possibility of fraud and false advertising. Additionally, blockchain technology ensures fairness and equity in advertisement distribution, fostering trust and security for both advertisers and users.

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