Randin, Founder and CEO of TapTap

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Master's Degree in Business Administration

Be responsible for setting the overall strategic direction and vision of TapTap, collaborate with different departments to promote teamwork and effective communication for the overall development, and establish and maintain strong relationships with key partners.

Worked as Chief Product Officer at a social media Company, responsible for product planning and promotion. Led a team in successfully launching multiple innovative products and achieving market share growth.

Co-founder and CTO of TapTap

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Lead the technology team to drive coding research and development initiatives, ensuring to deliver cutting-edge technology and entertainment experiences of TapTap. Oversee the development of innovative features, such as immersive livestreaming, NFT integration, and immersive experiences.

Worked as CTO at a Blockchain infrastructure company, leading the technical team in developing and launching a highly acclaimed innovative application with rapid user growth.

Co-founder and CMO of TapTap

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Lead the marketing team to develop marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness and drive user growth. Oversee the efficient management of company resources, including human resources, financial resources, and technological resources, building and promoting the TapTap brand.

Worked as Marketing Manager, developed and implemented marketing strategies to promote products and drive sales, and managed digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, SEM, and social media advertising.

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